How to Organize a Senior Move in La Mesa

Most parents plan to stay at home forever. However, it is sometimes necessary for them to move to a new place for their health and safety. Moving to a new location, away from the homestead is not easy. Essential steps need to be taken to ensure that the elder will feel as comfortable as possible on the moving day.

Proper planning

If you want your parents’ moving process to be successful, you have to come up with a good plan. As one of the family member, it is necessary to assist the elders in making the most critical decisions prior to the moving day. Senior moving specialist La Mesa explains that this will help to prepare them emotionally both in the moving process and on the day they will be going away from the homestead.

Get all necessary information about the new residence

The elders could be moving to your home or a senior residence. Whichever the case, it is advisable to get a detailed floor plan of the room they will be staying in or the whole apartment on a graph paper. This can be done using a tape measure. In your plan, you have to include the doors, the windows, and the closets. The importance of having the floor plan is that you will know where to place all the objects you want to keep in the room, and whether they will all fit or not.

Sort all important items

You need to know which objects will be carried and which ones will be put away. Throwing some precious items away is heartbreaking. Therefore, it is essential to make this decision together with your parent. Let them decide what they want to carry along. In case some of the precious items will not fit in the new place, you can opt to rent a storage unit from a senior moving company La Mesa where you can keep them.

Scale the furniture that will be moving

Use a graph paper to make cut-outs of the furniture that the senior will carry along. Arrange where the furniture will be placed. Make sure that the seniors who are moving and the senior citizen moving companies in La Mesa have a copy of these cutouts.

Set up the telephone and cable service

This should be done a day or two before the official moving day. The main reason for doing this is to ensure that your parents will have a working phone and television in case the utility installation date blunders.

Carry drinks or snacks in the refrigerator

If you are a local mover, carry a fridge or a cooler on the moving day. Also, ensure that there are some drinks, ice or snacks in that refrigerator.

Allow your parents to supervise the unloading

Very few parents will agree to leave while the most important treasures are being loaded on the moving vehicle. For local movers, the senior moving assistance in La Mesa should get around thirty minutes to put the furniture in place as you go for lunch together with your parents. Once you are back, allow the seniors to sit on a comfortable chair as they supervise the rest of the unloading.

Long-distance movement is quite time-consuming. It is therefore wise to ask a relative or a friend to wait for the moving van at the new place and then alert you once it reaches the destination. It will save your parents the hustle of waiting for more time in an empty room.

Prepare the new home

It is your responsibility to make sure that the new home is ready before you leave. The bed should be made up, and the towels hung. The toiletries should also be unpacked and put away in the bathroom. The seniors could be exhausted and too shy to ask for help from the care staff at the new residence.

Keeping all these tips in mind will avoid some of the trauma that the moving day is likely to cause.

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